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Hi again. lol. I am usually the one who loves to give the encouragement, but I am feeling a little down lately. 01/01/10 is not going well, and I only left my house for about 2 hours... But that story is for a different day when I don't feel so stupid. lol

I have been working for three years this January and am still not doing realtime. I graduated from Alfred State online, and had a 3.8 GPA. But then I found Mark K., and realized that my theory, well, kind of sucked in certain… Continue

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Rough ascii requirements

Happy Saturday! I was just wondering if you could all tell me what you change for a rough ascii before it goes out. Do you just translate steno untranslates and nothing else? Or do you change the speaker names to the right people, read through it entirely and fix stuff you see quickly??

I really haven't done a rough ascii before, and I want to make sure I am sending them what they're expecting.


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Reading back format

Hello all. Haven't written in a while because things are SUPER busy. Been out of town a lot, too. And just recently got our second "child," another one of the most adorable/gorgeous/huge great danes you'll ever see:) His name is Kaden. I will post some pictures on my page.

Anyways, way off topic there. I am just wondering how you show in the transcript when you read back. At my first company, I was taught to do it this way:

THE REPORTER: "Q: Where do you… Continue

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Administrative Hearing Advice

Hello all:) Just got booked for a 3-day Administrative Hearing here in Upstate, NY. Because I am freelance, I really only do depositions. Can anyone tell me what I can expect going into this? Is it like an actual trial where there is a courtroom and a judge is sitting up at a bench, or is it like an arbitration? Only asking because I see there is an ALJ, and the description I found on line, to me, sounds like a form of an arbitration.

Thanks for any suggestions. I just really like… Continue

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Just wondering opinions on which is "better." lol. I have Eclipse now, but have to be honest in saying I don't really know how to use a lot of the functions I don't think. I just kind of do my realtime for myself and then basic edit with an ascii after finishing it. What are the pros and cons of each?


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Isolating audio

Hello. Now I do actually have a question:) I wondered if anyone on here knew how to isolate a piece of your audio and save it separately or how to save an audio file with pieces cut out of it. Some of our attorneys ask for the audio files to be included on a disc with the transcript, but I do not pause it every time there is a short discussion off the record because usually they just start talking off the record anyway. Therefore, I just need to know how to cut the off the record discussions,… Continue

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Hello all:) I haven't added anything for a while, but I certainly get on here and read over many of the things going on every day. I do just want to take a moment to throw out there that I think there are so many wonderful and amazing people on this site. People that I can only hope to be like as my life and career grows. How wonderful is it that we can take time out of our day to answer someone's question or try to give some advice on school or attempt to make someone whom we may only know… Continue

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finger movements and the * key

Hi, all:) I just have been on a blog craze lately, I guess.

I have mentioned in earlier blogs that I am not at all familiar with using the * key for anything other than deletion. Therefore, trying to work Mark's theory into mine, I don't understand how you are supposed to make some of the reaches. For an example:

before he didn't = BR*ERMS --> you're pointer fingers are already on letters (the R- and the -R), so how are you supposed to reach over and hit the * too? What… Continue

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LightSpeed, is it worth it?

Okay. I'm sorry that there may have been a blog about this in the past, but I am really truly thinking about hopping on the LS train. I do have an Elan Mira A3, one of the most expensive writers out there you can get. Therefore, I am really nervous about possibly "downgrading". I know it seems silly just to base it on the prices, but it just makes me wonder if the LS is the thing for me. I don't use the audio or the screen on my A3, because I'm always hooked up to my laptop anyway. So really… Continue

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Where have you been all my life, Mark?

lol. Okay, maybe not my whole life, but for quite a few years. I finally joined magnum steno club today, and I have already learned so much!!!

Although, doing those speed takes, I just don't know if I am ever going to get there. I feel "dumb" sometimes, like my brain is just too slow and will go on being slow forever. Are there people out there that just have a slow brain that will never pick up speed? I surely hope not, because this is something I want to conquer!!!

The… Continue

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okay:) One last question for tonight... lol.

I wanted opinions on how important or valuable it is to be a member of NCRA, if it is at all. I have not done it only because of the amount of money everything costs; the dues and then to take the RPR and everything like that. I have an AAS in Court Reporting and graduated with a 3.76. Isn't that enough? I was told I was not going to make more money either if I am certified, but yet they do want me to take the RPR. And now I've got the… Continue

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Identifying Exhibits

Hello, everyone! I just for some reason am having a problem remembering the exact procedure for identifying exhibits. Is it when the exhibit is first mentioned (i.e., I'll have this marked as Exhibit Number 1) or is it when they actually talk about what the exhibit is? I appreciate all of the help!!!

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Where do you edit?

I have been working from my living room and my couch for quite some time now because we have beenrevamping our house completely. Finally, yesterday, I went and bought a new office chair and all that fun stuff. My husband doesn't think I'll use it all though. lol.

So this brings me to my question that I was just wondering where a lot of reporters work when they're not in a depo? Do you work on the couch, at your kitchen table, or in a home office?

I am just hoping I will… Continue

Added by Erica Abbott on March 10, 2009 at 7:49 — 12 Comments

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