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Why, Monti, why?

I assume Monti added the game tab.

I will never complete another transcript.

Oh, well, I was working too much anyway.

Thanks, Monti.

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I cannot sleep. It's so annoying.

I'm pretty sure it's stress.

What to do? What to do? I suppose I could be productive and work on transcripts. Sounds like a good idea. I could be nonproductive and surf the web or write long, blathering blog posts.

I think I'll go work on transcripts. If that doesn't put me to sleep, nothing will.

Feel free to comment if you too are up late at night.

I absolutely love looking to the right and realize that… Continue

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a little inspiration???

I just purchased a book on Amazon.com today. Actually, I purchased 2 books. I am stuck in my 140's and I am completely frustrated. I ordered a book from Katie B. Marsh. It is called, "How I went from 0 to 200 Words Per Minute in 2 Years! An Ex-Congressional Court Reporter Shares Her Secrets to Success." It isn't due out for a few weeks. My hope is that by the time I receive the book , I should be in my 160's. I am anxious to read a different point of view. Just thought I would share....

Added by Natalie Rodriguez on February 25, 2008 at 21:22 — 4 Comments

Why, oh why?

Why, oh why, must you interrupt the attorney when he is doing the admonishments and reaches the point where he says please do not interrupt me?

I find that in 99.9 percent of the depositions that I take, when the attorney is going over the admonitions at the beginning, the deponent will quietly sit through all of the admonitions. But the minute the attorney says the magic words:

The court reporter cannot take down two people at once or he says please wait for me to… Continue

Added by Kyung on February 23, 2008 at 16:44 — 1 Comment

Preventing an AutoRun virus on your computer...


I subscribe to this site's email they do. I have learned a ton about computers! I found
this information helpful. This email is where I learned of Mojopac.com

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Meeting in the Halls aka Strangers in the Night

When you all go out to the job, do you ever meet other court reporters? I know I do. I see another person w/a Stenograph bag just like mine. I know they're a reporter. I always try to strike up a conversation.

I usually ask them what law firm they're going to if we meet in the elevator. If it turns out we're on the same case, it's usually a chance to commiserate about being sent to the same depo or try to figure out who's going to go home.

If it turns out there are… Continue

Added by Kyung on February 23, 2008 at 6:56 — 4 Comments

Deposition Nightsmares (the kind you have when you're asleep not the other kind)

I had a nightmare last night.

I dreamt that I was setting up for a deposition. It was a round table. But for some reason I couldn't get the electrical plug to stay put in the back of my Stentura. I kept plugging it in upside down, rightside up, it wouldn't stay. It was like it had two ends that plugged into the electrical outlet and no end to plug into the machine.

Then I was trying to get people's name. When I would write on the card, my pen would stop working. I kept… Continue

Added by Kyung on February 20, 2008 at 11:16 — 8 Comments

Why does it take me 4 days to do the last 4 pages???

This is ridiculous. I just can't seem to get through the last pages. Why is that? I'm constantly popping up and down, up and down, getting something to drink, getting something to eat, on the web, off the web, on the web, calling long lost friends -- anything, just about anything instead of getting those last few pages done. Yet, I feel so good once the transcript is done and sent to the client. I have just four pages left to do and guess what? I'm trying out a new thai fried rice recipe. Well,… Continue

Added by Angie on February 18, 2008 at 16:25 — 3 Comments

Too many pages/not enough pages/too many pages/not enough pages

The title is basically a very short summation of a court reporters life, at least in the freelance word. I think I first started off this site saying how I was going through a dry spell. Well, the drought is ended and I now have too many pages.

In the morning, I get up and do a rundown of all the tripts I'm currently working on. Which one is due when. Which one's do I still have to work on. Will it be busy next week and I'll be out on all-day depos everyday or will I have spend at… Continue

Added by Kyung on February 16, 2008 at 7:35 — 2 Comments

The Thrid day with my Revolution.

Notihing out of the ordinary. Feels like 'mine' now. One thing I really like is having an 'extra' computer! I still have my laptop at home, and I copy my files I worked on onto the USB storage that comes with the unit and put it on my laptop. So I have an extra copy of my files now, as long as I wait to delete them off my tablet. I like that. plus, I am not 'out' of a computer if, God willing, something were to happen to my laptop! I could still keep working until I could replace that. What a… Continue

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Aoem & giving yourself some props.

God love me, but I discovered the wonders of aoem today. That would be e-mail.

When you've got those depos when they're introducing every e-mail in the world the deponent has ever written as an exhibit, I guarantee you this will save you a thousand strokes.

Loved it. Thank you, Jeanese. Great brief, easy to remember. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you. You are my valentine.

Also, do you ever have those great days and they just pop out w/this random word and… Continue

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You've got mail!!

I, like most people, hate getting spam. It drives me crazy!! However, recently I've noticed that when I go into my inbox, I have lots of little messages from CSRNation. So-and-so has responded to your discusion.

I admit it. I get a little twinge of excitement. And I immediately go click the link to see who has responded, what their response is. Even if there is a chain of responses and I end up reading the responses in backwards order, I can't help clicking on that link. On the most… Continue

Added by Kyung on February 14, 2008 at 6:20 — 3 Comments

2nd day out with my Revolution.

I went cold turkey, without taking my laptop, LOL. It went great! Only had a couple of issues:

Had problems finding the machine with the bluetooth. . . Took me a minute of trying to connect the machine to finally decide to check that my bluetooth was on, LOL. So that will be the first thing I do from now on when I get to a job. It is very easy, you just click on the bluetooth icon at your desktop.

The second issue was a Case issue. It froze! (I honestly think I had clicked on… Continue

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I am going to keel over right on top of my laptop.

I am working on a videotaped depo, and I'm so sleepy I keep nodding off. It's bad when you're so sleepy bec. your finger could slip and all of a sudden you've deleted a whole Q and A.

What am I going to do? Taking a break every five minutes will ensure that I do not get this thing done in a timely manner. Watching old Jem cartoons on youtube. Yeah. That's productive.

Anyway, just taking a break from "working" to check… Continue

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Real time Reporter in Sacramento

I am an owner of an agency in Washington, DC and have clients going to CA for depositions. We are looking for a court reporter to cover four days of depositions in Sacramento - we believe they will be using RealTime and it is an ITC matter, one day does have a translator.

I will have more information as it comes available, the dates are March 4- 7, 9am -5pm

If interested please contact: lvalentine@gregoryedwardsllc.com

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The Revolution is upon me.....

I received my Gemini Revolution yesterday. Used it today at Grand Jury. I already have the Gemini2, so was not 'too' odd, but was still the talk as everyone asked about it.

As you can see, I took the pockets off my laptop table I got from Stenograph and put it on my machine. Was the only thing I 'missed' today as I was working. It was different…


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You might be a redneck court reporter...

You might be a redneck court reporter...

...if you've ever missed the verdict because you were mooning the defendant.

...if you use the pencil holders on your steno machine for cigarettes.

...if you have to move at least three cats to get to your CAT.

...if you wear your fishing vest on depos because the pockets hold four steno pads.

...if you use cinder blocks instead of a tripod.

...if you've ever bet your judge you could drink a six-pack… Continue

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First and last blog entry

This is my first blog entry, and it may be my last!

Added by Rick Louie on February 2, 2008 at 18:29 — 4 Comments

My church

Ok, so I need to get back to work, lol! I am caught up tho...all ready for Parole Boards on Thursday. Oh, what can I do tomorrow?? ;)

Added by Rhoda Collins on February 1, 2008 at 6:43 — 2 Comments

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